[How to?] how to have debugger window and terminal open at the same time in one panel.


Apologise if you already answered.


I use a default dock panel (picture above) where I can switch between the Terminal , Run , Debug etc... 

- I would need to see at least two terminals side by side in this panel.
- I would need to see the terminal and the Debug window simultaneously in this panel. 

Now I work by watching logs in one terminal. Then I switch to another terminal where I run commands from the command line.  Finally, I switch to the debugger to see the values of the variables at the breakpoint. It's annoying to keep switching between tabs. 

Apologise, maybe I'm blind and can't quickly find a way how to enable this. Is there a way how to split them?


Hold on and move Terminal tab to the right side of the IDE.


Okay, I found something here: https://www.jetbrains.com/help/go/advanced-settings.html#advanced_editor. It helps with splitting terminal(s) windows, but still unable to have debug on the Left, terminal  on the Right



Awesome @Daniil!

Thankx a lot!