Freeze on loading project in wsl 2


Tried disabling all plugins, I keep getting a freeze when loading wsl2 projects with some kind of error like this in the logs:

'Permission denied (os error 13), path: /dev/sg1'

Logs here: Upload id: 2022_08_13_ULDCYTtmFSb86dPBvZR3Xd (files: idea.log and 3 more)

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The symptoms suggest that you may be affected by this issue, which was fixed in version 2021.3 of IntelliJ IDEA. If you use an older version, we recommend updating to benefit from this and other bug fixes.

If you can't update for some reason, this workaround might help:

  • press Shift-Shift to open "Search Everywhere"
  • enter "experimental features" and select the action
  • in the dialog that appears, turn off wsl.fsd.content.loader
  • restart the IDE
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I still see this happening on the latest IntelliJ build (2022.2.2).  

2022-09-16 09:37:47,079 [  25170]   INFO - #c.i.w.f.WslContentLoader - Permission denied (os error 13), path: /dev/ppp Permission denied (os error 13), path: /dev/ppp
    at fleet.api.FsApiKt.ioException(FsApi.kt:429)
    at fleet.api.FsApiKt.unwrap(FsApi.kt:421)
    at com.intellij.wsl.fs.WslContentLoader$getInputStream$inputStream$1$1$1.invokeSuspend(WslContentLoader.kt:47)

Turning off wsl.fsd.content.loader did the trick!