Intellij using a wrong non-existen plugins directory. Where does IntelliJ pick the plugins directory?

I had different versions of IntelliJ Community Edition installed on my Ubuntu laptop One was through manual installation and the other one through the Toolbox. My home partition was on my HDD and root partition on my SSD. I had created a symlink to a directory on the HDD where the actual data was saved in. After the system miraculously crashed, I reinstalled Ubuntu and properly setup the OS to directly mount the directory as my home partition.

I updated my IDE to 2022.2 through the Toolbox. I have been facing a rather peculiar issue with all IntelliJ IDEs; they seem to be using the old directory path which no longer exists. I have followed all the path configuration articles but I can't seem to figure out where the IDEs are taking the old path from.

When I try to install a new plugin, it downloads to the "staging" directory, but installation fails because it still tries to copy the plugins to the old directory. To make matters worse, the error dialog is of fixed sized and the error message gets cut off so I can't see the full path, only the first part of the directory,  which does not exist.

Where is IntelliJ picking the old directory from? It's bugging me.