Remote docker server


I've been going through documentation and blogs on using a docker toolchain for CLion C++ development. But, I can't seem to find (or it might not be supported functionality) on how to use a remote docker tooolchain.

I have a new macbook M1 macbook. I need to build/deploy onto an Intel based server. The translation using docker buildx to map the Intel CPU architecture onto the Apple M1 CPU architecture is super slow. 

So what I want to do is build and deploy on an Intel server machine. 

I am trying to follow the "Full remote mode" instructions on but I cannot get it to work.

So these are the steps I have done: 

  1. Under "Build, Execution, Deployment" -> "Docker", I created a new Docker setup with an SSH connection
  2. Under "Build, Execution, Deployment" ->"Toolchains", I am trying to create a new Docker toolchain. When picking the "Server:", I choose the remote Docker I created in step #1. But, it gives the following error "Remote docker server is not supported"

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.




In case of the Docker toolchain only local containers (the first option on the list, "Docker for ***") are supported at the moment. Other options, including the SSH option, are not supported in CLion currently - It's stated in the error you got - "Remote docker server is not supported".

If you need to work with the remote Docker container, you can try using the full remote mode (the "Remote Host" toolchain) -, instead of the "Docker" toolchain.

Sorry for the inconvenience.


Sorry, I'm not that well versed with docker. But, will the "Remote Host" toolchain setup allow me to run a toolchain from a docker image/container? If yes, any additional instructions on how to do this? 


Yes, but the container should be running with an SSH daemon. Please see this instruction -


it seems vscode can easyly use remote docker but Clion cannot, does offical team considered to add this function later?