Intrusive rake task warnings on branch change



Every time I switch branches, I am greeted by these two windows that pop up over what I was working on. They interrupt me every time I switch branches.

These warnings are present when running rake tasks, and have been for quite some time on the project I'm working on. However, this behavior of showing two notifications like this is recent, within the last few months.

Is there any way to disable this? I've looked around in the notification settings but can't find any relevant setting to change. I don't so much mind the warnings, it's probably good to surface them, but popping up like they do and taking over whatever I'm doing isn't great.

Appreciate any help folks might be able to give! 



Hello Michael,

Could you please specify your RubyMine version? In addition, we'd need your log so could you please submit an issue on our tracker and then do the following:

1. add the following lines to Help | Diagnostic Tools | Debug Log Settings:
2. restart RubyMine, reproduce the problem and collect idea.log (Help - Show log in) to the new issue.



Curious to know if this was ever solved or posted in the issue tracker? I don't see it there, but I have the same exact warnings, and "intrusive" is a good way to put it, since it opens the messages panel and pulls focus to it every time.


Michael Lambert, since the root causes might differ (meaning it's not always related to the IDE) it's always better to submit a separate issue for that 


I have this same issue. I'd like to disable the auto-focus on the “Messages” tab, or disable the process that generates the warnings. This happens whenever I switch branches, and frequently interrupts whatever I'm typing in the console.


Robert Perry Hooker , we have a request to improve the current behaviour, so that the reload will happen on the explicit action. Please follow it to be notified about the version where it will be available.