Gateway PyCharm Client Won't Let Me Resolve Conflict By Loading From Disk

The only options I see in the conflict resolution popup are "Save Memory Content" and "Cancel".

First of all, this "conflict" was never a conflict to begin with as I had made changes on the remote system while NOT running the Gateway on my desktop, so when I brought up my desktop Gateway, it should have detected the change that had occurred on the remote system and loaded it by default, just as if I had been sitting at the remote system and started up PyCharm.


Secondly, I'm in a work-stop situation unless I abandon PyCharm for my work until I get an answer to this question because I'm terrified Gateway is going to wipe out all the work I did since the last time I ran Gateway.




I discovered that the option to load from disk was presented again when I closed the comparison window -- the one showing difference between "memory" and "disk".  So I was able to continue work.  It is rather disconcerting to have the load from disk option go away leaving only save memory to disk while looking at the differences.


Do you have steps to reproduce? We don't have such a known issue, but some racing can occur there.