how to upload local modified file in <appdata>/<product>/remote_sources directory to corresponding remote file?

hello everyone,

i use remote python interpret,

the remote source code are download to local remote_sources directory (in my case : C:\Users\xxx\AppData\Local\JetBrains\PyCharm2022.2\remote_sources)

i modified the local file in remote_sources directory ,

how to upload it  to corresponding remote file  in convenient way like this:




PyCharm makes copies of the remote sources for the sake of code completion. It's not meant to be modified, so there's no way to upload it automatically back to the remote host.

If you really need to modify external libraries, perhaps you can do it directly on the remote host using **Tools | Deployment | Browse remote host** ?


Andrey Resler  thanks for your help, editing the remote file directly  is not convenient for me .because i need to covert the local path to remote path ,sometime the path is very long , i can not remember it 😂, and after edit remote file, i need  to sync local file with remote ,that is download remote file to local 😂

i think modify remote lib source code is sometime necessary, especially for  self-custom python lib scripts ,

so i hope pycharm can add the feature ,like ssh deployment .

finally please forgive my poor english😂



Usually only modules that are not part of your project are downloaded as remote_sources. So perhaps adding those modules as additional content roots in the project structure settings will allow you to sync them as part of the project, meaning you can upload them easily?