th:style file injection issue @{}

Can anyone help? I get this warning:

'!', '!=', '%', '&#', '&&', '&gt;', '&lt;', '(', '*', '+', '+=', ',', '-', '.', '/', <, <=, <Literal>, <expression>, '==', '>', '>=', '?', '?.', '?:', IDENTIFIER, STRING_IDENTIFIER, and, div, empty, eq, ge, gt, le, lt, mod, ne, not, or, '|' or '||' expected, got '@{


on this piece of code.

<div class="bg-image" th:style="'background-image: url(' + @{/img/landing-background.jpg} + '); height: 70vh;'">


I'm using the latest intellij idea, spring and thymeleaf. The issue is at the @{ part. The program works fine and gets the image without any issues, is this a bug in the IDE or should i try and write this code in a different way? I'm fairly new to programming so help would be appreciated. Thanks 




I have the same issue when using Thymeleaf URL Syntax. The warning can be safely ignored, and the project compiles and works as expected. But the warning will always trigger when commiting to VCS, which is annoying.

See above, I am using the syntax to set the value on the HTMX attribute hx-get of a select element.