Linux focus/blur hangs for 4-8 seconds


Every time I focus on or away from the editor in IDEA Ultimate, it freezes the cursor, scroll, and clipboard.


  • Click on the editor after focusing on any other program and scroll.  Scrolling doesn't start for 4-8 seconds.
  • Click on the editor, highlight some text, copy, click on a lightweight editor and attempt to paste.  The paste buffer takes 4-8 seconds to appear in the editor.


2022-09-21 11:02:50,797 [  65105]   INFO - #c.i.c.ComponentStoreImpl - Saving Project(name=****, containerState=COMPONENT_CREATED, componentStore=/home/****/projects/****)RunManager took 3959 ms
2022-09-21 11:02:50,798 [  65106]   INFO - #c.i.o.c.i.s.StoreUtil - saveProjectsAndApp took 4093 ms


"BaseDataReader: error stream of fsnotifier" prio=0 tid=0x0 nid=0x0 runnable
     java.lang.Thread.State: RUNNABLE
 (in native)
"java" prio=0 tid=0x0 nid=0x0 waiting on condition
   java.lang.Thread.State: WAITING

I've tried:

  • Updating IDEA to 2022.2.2
  • Disabling plugins
  • Increasing memory IDEA requests at startup
  • Deleting .cache and .idea directories, only restoring workspace.xml

I'm using Debian Linux with 64GB of memory, SSD, X11, with an AMD Ryzen 7 4800H with 16 cores, 64-bit


Thank you so much for the help.

Disabling the downloaded plugins didn't help, but completely recreating the project .idea directory did.  I then went to restore my tomcat config in workspace.xml when I discovered that the file had a lot of repeated entries from the "Tomcat (Smart)" plugin.  Disabling the plugin wasn't enough.  I had to ensure the entries were removed.  It trimmed the file down considerably.

The 5 same predefined_log_file entities were repeated in the xml:

     <configuration name="Flexline (Smart)" type="com.poratu.idea.plugins.tomcat" factoryName="SMART_TOMCAT_FACTORY">
       <predefined_log_file enabled="true" id="Tomcat Localhost Log" />
       <predefined_log_file enabled="true" id="Tomcat Access Log" />
       <predefined_log_file id="Tomcat Catalina Log" />
       <predefined_log_file id="Tomcat Manager Log" />
       <predefined_log_file id="Tomcat Host Manager Log" />

When I grepped the file to see how many there were, grep reported 1,310,724 (I'm not sure why that isn't divisible by 5).

I have submitted a issue to the 3rd party plugin developer at

Thanks again!


Hi Steven,

What kind of project do you have? What frameworks are used?

Do you see the same behavior in a simple new Java project?

Please provide the resulting archive of the Help | Collect Logs and Diagnostic Data operation. You can upload it privately to and provide the upload id.


This is a Kotlin project with no frameworks, just tomcat and using exposed to access a database.

I tried opening a new Java project, and didn't see any performance issues while in that project and changing focus.


Does it make a difference if you temporarily disable Kotlin plugin in your original project and try to reproduce the issue?

Please provide the logs for further analysis.


Upload ID: 2022_09_23_2AiXU29QiYQyRFYjd2nL7B


I tried disabling the Kotlin plugin (which also disabled Android, Design Tools, and Ktor plugins), and I still see the issues.


Thank you.

Does it help if you:

  • Disable all downloaded plugins (SonarLint, GitToolBox, Smart Tomcat) Settings | Plugins | ⚙ | Disable all downloaded plugins
  • Close the project, remove (or rename/move aside) the entire .idea directory and any .iml files from the project's root
  • Restart IDEA

Some stack traces in the logs point to I/O issues. Make sure that all IDE default directories, as well as IDE installation and project directories have sufficient read/write permissions, and are excluded from the Antivirus/firewall scan (help articles one and two).


Happy to help Steven. Great job id'ing the offending bit of data👍