Short-Keys does not work


Hi there, I have worked with Eclipse IDE for many years. This was intuitive and most of the shortcut keys are easy to remember and OS compatible. but its all different in IntelliJ... easiest Shortcuts does not work, like Ctrl-C/Ctrl-V, Ctrl-F or Shft-Ctrl-7. I did not configure anything other... I like to use the IntelliJ-Defaults, but the Short-Keys described in the Documentation doesn't work. 

For example the code-comment Ctrl+/ does not work, but the Menu-Entry "code>Comment with Line Comment Ctrl+/" works and shows also the wrong Shortcut. I work with a german Keyboard... 

Whats the problem? 

how can i configure the ide to work as expected, i.e. as described in the documentation? 

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BTW: any change in the Keymap-Setting does not change anything in that strange behaviour... Doesn't care if I set the Key-Map to Eclipse or any other Value... doesn't care if I remove the acutal Settings from the Keymap... nothing changes...

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Hi Jürgen,

Looks like you've hit

One of the workarounds is described here.

Another workaround is to change the mappings in the current keymap that don't work to something else.

This comment explains why the problem exists in the first place.