How to use "JavaFX Runtime for Plugins"


Hello everybody,

I want to write an dialog for a plugin. For this I want to use the 

"JavaFX Runtime for Plugins" Plugin. I added the "


to my plugin.xml but I only get a "cannot resolve dependeny" message. Do I need to add another dependency to my build.gradle file? 


Hi Daniel,

Yes, you have to add dependency in the Gradle build script as well. See:

for details.


Thank you can yout tell me what the exact dependency for this plugin:
looks like in gradle because i couldnt find the gradle import for it anywhere? 


The version should be 1.0.4 (if you target 2020.3+). What import do you mean?

Please share what you are trying to do in your Gradle build script because I suspect there may be some syntax or configuration location issue.