Debugger Release 2022.2.2


This is for Yaroslav Bedrov, who I previously sent info to regarding problems with the debugger.

It seems to be in the javascript.  Firstly, when you go from debug to run mode, it continues to stop at breakpoints left in the javascript.

There is another problem where it sometimes goes into the war file while debugging.  

I have zipped up my entire project because I am so sick of the problems with the debugger and want you to fix it.  I uploaded the project today with the ID: 2022_10_09_51PjiiSK9ntrfNGp7SMUro 

There is a READ ME.txt file inside the folder which gives the steps to repeat to make the debugger go into the war file instead of the source code.  I have tried clearing the cache, restart and rebuild but it makes no difference.  Sure hope you can fix this because I paid good money for this product. 



Thanks for the example, but it seems to work fine on my side. Where does it go after breakpoint? Is it possible to attach screenshot?