IntelliJ Ultimate: GWT plugin doesn't work like before

I recently updated IntelliJ Ultimate to 2022.2.3, the GWT plugin became funky.

  1. It fails to link ui.xml file with the corresponding java file. E.g., I could link the field attributes back to fields in java file, not no more after the upgrade; I could view preview of message property of GWT in ui.xml file, but no more now.
  2. The analyzing of a java file is extremely slow. It take 30s to color the code and show warning/error on the file.
  3. No code auto-completion in ui.xml file anymore.

@Support team, is this a known issue? Do you have any workaround/fix to the problem?


after cleaning IntelliJ completely (remove all cache, preferences, installation folders...), reinstall and reimport the project solved the problem.