When using "Browser Reload" Option I get incorrect url

HI When using the browser reload option offered on an HTML or a Laravel Blade page which I use, I am getting an incorrect url. The Host is doubled, see screen shot. 

Somewhere I expect the server is incorrectly configured - but I have searched through the docs but can not find out where. ideas ? 

Many Thanks!



Please share screenshots of the Connection and Mappings panes of your deployment configuration at Settings | Build, Execution, Deployment | Deployment. Thanks!


Many Thanks for helping out!  I have two connections - one for SFTP, and one local. Screenshots  below. 

Hi Vincej,

Thank you for the screenshots! They're from the `Connection` tab, but could you please also share screenshots of the `Mappings` tabs for both servers? Thanks!
Thanks! That's where the issue is - you don't need the domain name to be duplicated in the `Web path` field, just a slash is enough.

Many thanks! That seems to have done the trick in getting rid of the double host. However is this browser reload feature a simple HTML thing?  I ask as I use Laravel, a PHP framework, and when I hit the Chrome button on a Laravel Blade view it sources the file location like below 


however that file location will never bring up the view. The correct url should be as below. Am I missing something? Many Thanks!



However is this browser reload feature a simple HTML thing?


  1. It does not know anything about your framework. It works with files only.
  2. There is no 100% way of knowing that a certain view is rendered on a specific URL. There would need to be some integration with framework-specific plugin.
  3. What to render for partial views (that are included in multiple parent views)? What URL to call?
  4. Continuation of the above: the same view can also be used for "normal" user and on the admin panel side...
  5. What to do if a view used depends on the URL parameters (e.g. item ID / entity slug etc).
  6. What to do in case if theming is used (when each theme is in a separate folder and has own "dashboard" file)
  7. Basically it's similar to "Controller::action --> URL" mapping -- it's framework specific, the URL can be dynamic etc.

A possible workaround for the above could be a special "matching table" where user could provide "for this file use the following URL" info. I have not seen such tickets personally so feel free to make one (I'd vote).

P.S. I'm not sure if such "file to URL" mapping could be achieved with current deployment mappings... but worth checking out. If it's possible I think it will be quite inconvenient to manage if you have more than a few of them...