support for Ratliff style of braces placement in c,c++,c languages.

Please add support for Ratliff style of braces placement in c/c++/objective-c languages.


This is a hard requirement for me as well. I have used Ratliff style for 30 years and I am not going to change.

We should just get rid of the braces and use indentation like in Python/occam etc. but that isn't happening in C# because of Visual Basic covering that area.

More generally, any plug in tool should be able to support all the indentation styles of the base tool. VS supports Ratliff and always has.

Ratliff is this style:

void method (
          int a) {
    if (a>10) {

The reason people use it is that it allows them to ignore the braces and semicolons which are merely clutter inherited from Pascal. There is absolutely no technical need for them and never was.