Is there way of installing IDEA EAP without Error ?


Is there way of installing IDEA EAP without uninstalling old version ? I'm trying to install version 13, but I don't want to delete 12 because Scala projects often hang IDE in 13.  prepaidgiftbalance

May be there is some commanline parameter for installer ?


What does the error say?
Is there a reason you use such an outdated version of the IDE? 

With the more recent versions, you can install the EAP side by side with your current version, and use both.
You can also use the Toolbox app to manage multiple IDE installations.


Maybe you can install IntelliJ IDEA EAP (Early Access Program) without uninstalling the old version. When running the installer for version 13, you can specify a different installation directory to keep both versions on your system simultaneously.

During the installation process, you will typically be prompted to choose the installation directory. Ensure you select a different directory than the one where version 12 is installed. This way, the two versions can coexist on your machine. Regards : Dani Tekniksipil