Description is not aligned to tooltip text of IDE.

hello, i have this description on a php method:

* Description: You can use this method to add or manipulate the display options that will handle your data.
* @param array $options
* <pre>
* 1. 'highlight' => false, // (boolean) Expected to on/off highlight default off (false).
* 2. 'detail' => false, // (boolean) Expected to on/off detail variable/node default off (false).
* 3. 'end' => false, // (boolean) Expected to on/off to exitScript execution default off (false).
* </pre>
* @return $this

but it show like this on tooltip:

i am implementing html <pre> tag because i want to create a list or parameter and their explanation ... the problem is that <pre> tag have any style that is not align with "parameters:" text; exists any solution to this?



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other example: text "parameters:" look like not have padding top ... but the description at right side have a early top padding or margin ... how can i align it ?

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Hi there,

Seems like

Says fixed in 2022.3 EAP 5 build. You can try 2022.3 Beta version from

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I don't have an EAP license or the time to test it; but they told me in soprote that the release of v2022.3 should come out by Dec 5 where the problem is resolved, let's hope it's ready and then I'll be able to see if it works... greetings and thanks.