Scala project option not showing up in IntelliJ IDEA Ultimate


I have installed the Scala plugin and restarted the IDE. But when I try to create a new Scala project using the 'New Project' option I do not find any Scala entry in the left side menu in my IntelliJ IDEA Ultimate latest version. Attached the screenshot of the same.

Upload id: 2022_11_16_HuH9BWpx4i2jK56LToNPgX (file: CleanShot 2022-11-16 at 22.14.30.png)


I'm facing the same issue. Is there someone that can help ?


Hi Albert, if you are using the latest version it has the updated new UI it seems. If you're looking to create a Scala project, scroll to the top of the left menu, under New Project. You should then be able to see Scala on the right, where you can select the programming language for the project. 


Thanks a lot Anandprabhu,

Everything is ok now. So simple solution... I missed something that was right under my nose