PyCharm (Prof.) update 2022.2.4 trying to hijack/damage my pc


I literally just updated to PyCharm Prof. version 2022.2.4 and during the update my Anti-Virus McAfee just started going crazy. I've got a PS4 and an old pc, but boy can I say I've never heard them blow the fans so damn loud! McAfee Real-Time Scanning kept giving me notifications they blocked something from hijacking my computer... The only thing running on this whole pc was PyCharm's update!

I've got a pretty good CPU, I've ran a lot of apps at the same time all doing something at once... I have never seen something get so high.

What in the world has happened in this update that it makes the Real-Time Scanner go crazy like that? What did you put in this update? And is anyone else experiencing this?

Btw yes the Scanner calmed down right after the update was finished! It still was giving me notifications that said something dangerous was trying to hijack my pc, because it was so far behind on itself with all the notifications! But after the update it did stop and became quiet again.

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Thank you for letting us know about the problem.

Can you please submit a request using the contact form and attach information about files that look suspicious for your antivirus? Alternatively, you can upload them using our service and post a received ID here.

Instructions can be found on this page on the topic How to see your detection history. Also, please, let us know how did you run the update: via the Toolbox app or directly in PyChram.

You can consider adding all IDE and project-related directories to the exclusions list to avoid such issues in the future. A lot of I/O operations may be performed by the updating process, which may trigger antiviruses.