Gradle plugin constantly spinning CPU


I have an issue with IntelliJ which has continued through multiple releases including IU-223.7571.58

The gradle plugin is constantly taking CPU, even when intelliJ has been idle for a long time, and when there are no ongoing tasks being reported.

It's almost as if it's constantly reparsing the gradle build files (there are >300 of them in the project)

For example

 %CPU  Subsystem

167.2  <Process total CPU usage>
 86.8  Plugin Gradle DSL API:
 39.4  <Garbage collection>
  6.3  Plugin Gradle DSL API:
  2.5  lang.impl (in com.intellij)
  2.1  <unidentified: UI thread>
  1.8  <unidentified: Java2D Queue Flusher>
  1.8  <Activity Monitor>

What's also noticeable is that memory is constantly being allocated/garbage collected, probably caused by this parsing.

Occasionally it will settle down, but it can be a long long time (hours) - the actual build can be done in a few minutes (if fvt excluded)

I opened up a YouTrack issue over a month ago, but there's little progress so far

Is anyone else seeing anything similar? Any workarounds/mitigations?

This is frustrating as we are moving over to gradle from maven, and if all my colleagues get this they won't be happy .... 

I should clarify that the gradle build works fine, both locally and for full ci/cd - but there is definately some issue with IntelliJ and the gradle plugin

I am using the gradle wrapper, and are at version 7.5.1. OS is macOS


Hi Nigel,

The investigation in IDEA-304093 is ongoing. As is internal communication inside the ticket, which you cannot see because the comments are only visible to JB team. I asked the Dev team to share their findings publicly.


Unfortunately nothing yet - the issue persists with current (release+eap ) builds

I updated the status of the issue to reflect the latest affected version. Hopefully, there will be an update soon. Thanks for your patience.

I started to experience this problem after installing/enabling Package Search plugin:

Disabling it made the problem go away.


Ricardolucios Thank you for reporting this!
May I ask you to reinstall the Plugin, capture a CPU Usage snapshot (Help → Diagnostic Tools → Start CPU Usage Profiling) while the issue is present (3-5 minutes capture should suffice) and upload it along with IDEA logs (Help → Collect Logs and Diagnostic Data).


Roman Vatagin I did re-install the plugin and so far I'm no longer able to reproduce the issue. I'll keep monitoring and will capture the CPU usage snapshot and share here if the issue happens again.


Roman Vatagin  just saw the issue again (I didn't find the “Start CPU Usage Profiling” option in the help menu, so Just ran "collect logs and diagnostic data" after using the IDE for a few minutes while the issue was happening).

Here is the attachment id: Upload id: 2024_02_27_w552i8dEXd3JXV7hRn8rbH (file:


Ricardolucios Thank you for the update!

The logs do hold some relevant information, but issues like that require CPU data to complete the picture.

Would you be able to capture and share the CPU data next time the issue occurs along with the updated logs?


Roman Vatagin I don't seem to have most of those options in my IntelliJ.

This is the version I'm running:


Ricardolucios  Could you please verify that you have Performance Testing Plugin installed and enabled?


OK now I was able to capture it.

Here is the cpu perf logs Upload id: 2024_02_27_HKW79Eu7tJvBaFMWK75RTW (file:

Also, idea logs: Upload id: 2024_02_27_DNtr6z1oa7swLuMkcuG5W2 (file:


Ricardolucios Thank you for providing the data!

I have created YouTrack Issue IDEA-347713 for this, please keep an eye on it for further updates!