Find in files not updating / marking edited results as invalid anymore

Hi everybody,

I remember PhpStorm having a very helpful function:

When you did search for something via find in files and edited this finding right away in the bottom find in files window it became marked as "invalid" if it didn't match the search term anymore (dark gray background color and a small red indication of invalid).

This is gone now. If I edit findings and they do not match anymore, they are not marked anymore. (This is maybe through a PhpStorm version update, I don't now.) This was very helpful for having a good overview if you had a large amount of string findings and wanted to edit them right away.

Does anybody know where this functionality is gone and where or how to enable it again?

Thanks and best regards,


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Hi Lennart,

It seems to be a bug:

And I would say that things even worse now, I was not able even get the INVALID marker at all on different searches.