PyCharm debugger doesn't hit breakpoints inside the with Django

I have a very simple django project with one app. I added this app to INSTALLED_APPS list in

from django.http.response import HttpResponse, HttpResponseNotFound, HttpResponseRedirect

sections = {
'finance': 'This is finance section',
'software': 'This is software section',
'sports': 'This is sports section'

def newsroom_view(request, section):
return HttpResponse(sections[section])
return HttpResponseNotFound(f"Section {section} doesn't exist. Sorry!")

def newsroom_view_num(request, topic_num):
topics = list(sections.keys())
return HttpResponseRedirect(topics[topic_num])

I've set the breakpoint in this line:

 return HttpResponse(sections[section])

PyCharm never stops on breakpoint, the response is loaded as normal in the browser.

However, if I manually set the breakpoint using pdb, it stops:

return HttpResponse(sections[section])

Here is my debug configuration:

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Could you please test if the debugger is working on this minimal project?

If it's working, would it be possible to provide a sample project to reporduce the issue?
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I solved the problem by removing the .idea directory for this Django project. After restart everything is fine.