Why do SQL functions in the editor window utilize two different colors, depending on the function name

I might be missing something, but I've changed the color for functions in the code editor, but it didn't change the color for all functions.

These have the same color: ISNULL(), CAST(), DATEPART(), ROUND(), ROW_NUMBER()
These use different color: MONTH(), YEAR(), FORMAT(), CONCAT()

What am I missing? Is there another function color setting that is taking precedent?

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Hi Curtis,

There's an inheritance chain going from SQL settings in File | Settings | Editor | Color Scheme | SQL

Moving up to the parent tree File | Settings | Editor | Color Scheme | General

If you see discrepancies in the color scheme, like on the screenshot you sent, you can try to reset the color theme to the default settings. See screenshot

If this won't work, we need to know your current DataGrip version, where you run the query: data editor, SQL file (dialect selected), console(playground, script).