Cannot set tooltip to ComponentWithBrowseButton's button



My class extends ComponentWithBrowseButton and I need to set a tooltip text for the button. I use 

getButton().setToolTipText("My text");

But the method getButton is marked as Deprecated with forRemoval=true. So I look for a legal way to set the tooltip. The ComponentWithBrowseButton's constructor contains the code:

// FixedSizeButton isn't focusable but it should be selectable via keyboard.
if (ApplicationManager.getApplication() != null) { // avoid crash at design time
new MyDoClickAction(myBrowseButton).registerShortcut(myComponent);

Looks like it allows to customise tooltip through the overriding getIconTooltip, but registerShortcut sets own tooltip text anyway.

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Hi Anton,

It seems that the class wasn’t designed to handle custom button tooltips, and there is no good solution for this.

I suggest using ExtendableTextComponent if it matches your use case, or creating an issue on with a proposal to add the tooltip customization possibility in ComponentWithBrowseButton.