WS 2022.3 Remote IDE in Ubuntu 22.04 WSL2 issues

I recently switched to using Windows 11, WSL2+Ubuntu 22.04, and WebStorm 2022.3 with the remote WSL ID feature.

This works better than using the Windows Webstorm to edit the Linux files, or installing Webstorm in Ubuntu and running the IDE via gWSL.

However, while the remote IDE works very well, I'm finding two annoyances.

1.  The JetBrains client downloads *every* time I open a (even the same) project.

2.  The expansion state of the Project window tree isn't preserved (it collapses completely each time).

If these are already known issues then I'm confident JetBrains will release fixes in good time.

But if I'm missing some setting to eliminate these, please let me know.


Thanks for the feedback. These are known problems. The first one is already fixed, the fix will be available in a new version soon:

The second problem is in progress, you can follow the progress in this issue:

Awesome!  JetBrains continues to excel! :D