File types not recognised

PyCharm doesn't seem to be recognising file types. The files are in the paths specified in the code however it is not finding them.



Sorry, I couldn't understand what the issue is exactly. Does your python script fail to open the .xls files? 

To make sure the issue is IDE-related, please try running the code from the terminal outside of the IDE and check if the issue persists.


Thankyou for your reply, 

Another colleague of mine can run the script via pycharm. So it seems to be an issue with my IDE configuration we believe, in relation to my file types. 

Could you please provide more information about the issue?

- What are the steps leading up to the issue?
- What is the expected and actual result?
- Please provide the whole error text
- Please attach some screenshots to demonstrate the issue

my colleague can run the script fine and it works from her PyCharm installation. But I get this error when I run it, so we think it must be something to do with IDE config.


The error doesn't seem related to the IDE. It seems that the Python runtime cannot find the file that you attempt to open from the code. 

Please try running your code from the terminal outside of the IDE using the same interpreter, and check if you get the same issue.
One way to do that is to copy the first line of the console output from PyCharm to the terminal.

You will need to activate your conda env beforehand: