Python interpreter configuration gets overwritten

Whenever I add a new Docker Compose (configuration file) to my Python Interpreter settings, it goes away after some point.

I have a Docker Compose interpreter set up with a base Docker Compose config file specified--so far so good.

But I need a second Compose config file.  When I add the second file, everything works okay.  But whenever I restart PyCharm (and possibly at other times) the second config file disappears.

This happens consistently on two installations of PyCharm on two different machines (one Apple Silicon, one Intel).  Both of the are up-to-date.


Screenshot above--the docker-compose-dev.yml config file goes away.

It seems to be that when I add the second config file, it takes effect but somehow does not actually get saved in the settings.  If I go back to the configuration right away, the second file is already gone.




The issue doesn't seem to be reproducible for me in 2022.3 -- after restarting the IDE, the two .yml files are still present in the interpreter settings. Please try 2022.3 if you haven't already, and check if the issue persists in a new minimal project.