DataGrip Performance on DDL currently using SQL server

I've noticed that after adding several db and schemas when performing a DDL statement the introspect takes and excruciating amount of time or becomes unstable to the point of running memory (up it to 4GB) into the ground; potential leak, maybe? The IDE is so unresponsive during this process it becomes frustrating to work with when your are trying get something done. I know SSMS works like butter when doing things of this nature and I hate having to switch back and forth now just knowing preemptively I want to save time and by not waiting 2mins between DDL statements. I'm not sure if turning introspection off completely will still check if what I committed is out of date with the db and that is a safety that I like having.

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You are right, DataGrip performance depends on the database size and count. Filtering out some database objects could be a workaround.