Handle code completion event


Hey there! I'm trying to create a plugin that will log every user action, for example copying, pasting etc. I used to create new handlers and add functionality there, as you can see in example for CopyHandler

class TrackingCopyHandler(originalHandler: EditorActionHandler?) : CopyHandler(originalHandler) {
override fun doExecute(editor: Editor, caret: Caret?, dataContext: DataContext?) {
val project = editor.project
Messages.showMessageDialog(project, "Sth was copied", "Typed char", Messages.getInformationIcon())
super.doExecute(editor, caret, dataContext)

But I can't do that something like that with not editor actions. I tried to find handlers for actions with id "CodeCompletion" or "RunMenu", but didn't find anything. Maybe I should use something else? I will be grateful for your help