Filewatcher doesn't work since an update

dear all
i really tried a lot to make the filewatcher working again but somehow i am completely lost.
it worked once pretty good but currently i am only getting errors, doesn't matter what i do.
is actually says that it cannot find the file but where the hell is this pointing to?

many thanks for your inputs! 

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the error comes from SASS compiler, not from the IDE. Looks like the import path is not resolved when processing bs/_variables.scss and bs/bootstrap.scss. You need to specify a valid relative path in import, or pass a load path to the compiler to get the import resolved.

Just change the import to @import "../var";, or use --load-path option (see in your compiler arguments to specify a folder the compiler should look for .scss file in. Note that the folder path should be relative to compiler working directory

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thank you so much!!