Hotkey to refresh table definition

Someone else adds a column to a table

In my ide i do select * from table, put my mouse over table, and dont see the new column

What's the fastest way to get the definition in cache refreshed without using the left object navigation bar?

Hi Bryan,

Thank you for contacting us.

You can use the Refresh hotkey combo, which is `Ctrl + F5`. Doing so should update the database explorer tree.

Let me know if you have questions.

Doesnt that refresh the entire database? I just want to refresh that one table, or at most that one schema.


This will depend on the databases / schemas you've selected in Database Explorer:

However, if you want to update the objects from the tree view automatically, please make sure you have this setting turned on:

Let me know if it works for you.


Is there a way to refresh only a specific table? The database in my case has hundreds of tables behind a slow VPN. It takes tens of minutes to refresh the database scheme. It tries to read the structure for all tables and doesn't finish successfully due to network issues. I see table columns only for the first tables.


Refreshing a specific table is currently not available. We're aware of this situation and therefore, have implemented a concept of introspection levels for Oracle. We're working on implementing it for other databases, too. Aside from that, the partial introspection is also something we're looking forward to getting implemented into our IDE

For now, I'd suggest using Auto Synch option in Options of your data source properties. This option still has some shortcuts for data retrieval that are a bit quicker compared to a schema refresh, triggered when attempting to refresh a table.