Pycharm text is typing in reverse (cursor does not move left to right)


The gif speaks for itself. I tried to show that the "Bidi text based direction" is set to "Content-Based" but even when changed I still have the same output as the gif. I had another Pycharm window open and it was typing normally. I am on Ubuntu 22.04.1 LTS and PyCharm 2022.3.

Thanks in advance, 


Edit: I believe Hiberbee theme plugin is what caused this. I uninstalled it and it worked normally again! Thank you to Sergey Karpov for help!


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Are there any 3rd party plugins installed?

How did you install PyCharm?

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Exactly the same for me. On Macbook Pro (chip M2, macOS ventura 13.0.1): installed PyCharm (2022.3 - Professional Edition) for Apple Silicon yesterday.

Update: sorted!! It was a plugin playing up: Datalore (msg saying it was incompatible with PyCharm version). Removed, restarted PyCharm and all good ;-)


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Same for me. As soon as I updated Pycharm, it started creating this problem.

Version : PyCharm 2022.3 (Professional Edition)

Mac : MacOs Monterey