"2022.3 latest builds" page is not updated since October


I used to check for the new (EAP) builds on the "latest builds" page:


But it was last updated in October.

The "Download" page only has releases. And the "Next version" page says "EAP is closed because of the release".

So I have to check "Affected versions" drop-down in YouTrack to get the build number of 2022.3.1 RC. And then "hack" it into the download URL from the "latest builds" page.

Maybe the "latest builds" page could be updated regularly again?


Thank you Yaroslav.


I wonder though how will I find the right URL for 2023.1 EAP next year?

Previously I would just change the version number in this URL I have in the browser history:


But that URL now redirects me to an "Article not found" page.


"Article not found" is fixed, new page link is added. Both latest builds and release notes for 2022.2+ releases can be found here https://youtrack.jetbrains.com/articles/IDEA-A-21/IDEA-Latest-Builds-And-Release-Notes.