Missing 'Toggle formatting' button in 'Value Editor'

I am working on a database on PyCharm that contains JSON data. I need to be able to click on the JSON cell and use the 'Toggle Formatting' button to beautify the JSON content. But in my PyCharm the 'Toggle Formatting' button is missing.

Here is a screenshot from the official documentation showing the position of the missing button,

I am using PyCharm 2022.3 professional; Build #PY-223.7571.203, built on Nov 30, 2022 on MacOS 13.1


Toggle formatting was removed a year or two ago. Now JSON is being formatted automatically on open. 
Why do you need it?


I want to beautify the JSON so I can parse the content by looking at it.

I've found out that the button does not show up if I have the JSON in varchar/string column type.

If I convert[1] the varchar/string to JSON then the 'Toggle formatting' button shows up(enabled by default).

[1] In my case, I am using Trino. I passed the column through json_parse() function.