New UI Tabs (feedback)



I like new UI a lot, however it is impossible for me to use regularly.

I can't live without Multiline Tabs. Sometimes there are just a lot, also often there is part of the path for duplicate names.
I also keep project window on the left and structure window on the right, which makes tab row much smaller.

Both current solutions (horizontal Scrollbar and shrinking tab title) are mediocre.
With scrollbar it isn't clearly visible how many tabs are hidden left or right, and if there are any.
And what is the use of [shrinked] tab title, if you can't read it? If I keep several files means I most likely need to switch between them fast and not scroll all to find one.

I heard JetBrains are thinking about bringing Multiline Tabs back and hope they don't drop this completely!

As much as I would love to keep testing new UI, comfort work takes precedence, so unfortunately, switching to the old UI for now


Wow, didn't know, then my slowpoked feedback is uselss =)

Thank you !