Cannot configure Ruby Interpreter with RubyMine


I am trying to configure RubyMine to point to a Ruby interpreter on my mac, but it doesn't seem to work. I select the interpreter in Ruby SDK and Gems, but it does not save my selection. Anyone know why?

When i go back to the editor it still says "No Ruby Interpreter configured for this project". I then go back to the settings and neither interpreter has been selected. Its super frustrating.

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Hello Peter,

Could you please specify your RubyMine's version.

That problem sometimes occurs when some project's related config files are corrupted, so could you please try the following:

1. Close the project in question in IDE
2. Remove .idea folder from its root
3. Reopen the project and try setting SDK again

Please let me know how it goes.


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Clearing the .idea folder seemed to work. Thank you!