Unknown command "1.8.0_301" in StartGroovy.bat



Are we allowed to ask Groovy scripting questions here?  Or is there a single official forum for Groovy? I looked on their github page, and don't see any 'Issues' tab.

When I run Groovy.bat (version 4.07), it runs startGroovy.bat.  When it executes line 289,


for /f "useback tokens=*" %%a in ('%JAVA_VERSION%') do set JAVA_VERSION=%%~a

, it returns an error

startGroovy.bat [289]  Unknown command "1.8.0_301"

, which is obviously the java version.


Do I need to edit that line?  Is there an official Groovy forum to report this?



Sorry, I forgot to close this.


I was using Take Command's command line, but didn't set the cmd.exe compatibility mode.


Everything is fine.