[WSL] missing bits and keymap importing issues


Hello, I'm trying to make the WSL debugging and struggling a bit with several quirks.

1. First of, I cannot get the keymap to be imported. I know the settings sync isn't supported, but I tried exporting settings zip from host and importing to the WSL Intellij.

It kind of works, but the keymap wasn't properly imported. I.e. I've got a whole bunch of git-related shortcuts with Alt+<someLetter> pattern. None of those got imported.

2. Another issue is that some tools windows are not visible. For example the NPM tool window

screenshot from the host, it's completely missing in WSL.

3. There are also other missing bits. I'm quite often using those menu options or shortcuts

but this section is missing in WSL.


Are these know issues or limitations. Or should maybe report some bugs?

If it's know, are there any plans to fix those issues?



Thank you for your feedback.

1. We're working on importing settings right now, it's a high priority task. The challenge here is that some of the settings belong to the IDE and some belong to the client. The general issue for that is here, feel free to follow it:

2. For this problem please create a new issue in our tracker:
attach logs as described here:

and add some details to it — how you try to call the window and what happens or not. It would be great if you could attach a screen recording.

3. This one is already known. Please follow it by link below: