How to keep visual consistency?


Hi, im pretty new to Plugin development and am currently woring on a plugin to better visualize the output that I get during debugging (I want to convert the log into a table).

Whilst creating the toolwindow for this i was wondering if it was possible to reuse components from intelliJ / how to do it (right now i am mostly interested in using the "ScrollToEnd" Button you have in console views) mostly because it would mean that it could work with themes.

If this is not possible:
- How do i style my components more freely other then the options given in the Form Editor? (background color, margin, inset etc.)
- How can I use color schemes and icons provided by themes?


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Starting point

It is highly recommended to use only default components and not "tweak" their visual appearance in any way, so they'll stay compatible with Theme plugins and any other customizations. Color Themes and changed icons should then work out-of-the-box.

You can look at existing functionality/UI in platform and plugins via UI Inspector to locate the underlying implementation/Swing component(s) very easily: