ViewComponent support in RubyMine


I recently was trying out Github's ViewComponent library, , in a new Rails project and was wondering if there's a way to configure RubyMine to recognize the mapping between a component's Ruby file and it's template file? Similar to how it works with controllers and views where you're able to go-to definition between the two and have autocomplete on the controller's methods, variables, etc inside the view's template file.


Hello Austin,

At the moment that functionality isn't supported so it'd be great if you could submit a corresponding feature request on our tracker:


This would be great to have! ViewComponents have grown a lot in popularity as an alternative to helpers, are actively used and maintained by Github. Would be nice to be easily able to swap between the RB and HTML file. 


Hello Tomas,

Could you please submit it directly on our tracker specifying what you'd like to see implemented. 


We have the following request about ViewComponent. If you find it related, then could you please add your vote there.