is there shortcut to jump to previous/next code cell in Scientific mode ?


in jupyter notebook , I can use ctrl+up/down to jump to  previous/next  code cell,

but they do not work in code cell created by #%%  in Scientific mode,



The question was asked before

Unfortunately, there doesn't seem to be a shortcut to jump to the next/previous cell in scientific mode. At least I couldn't find it. Why not use Jupyter instead? It has many other useful actions for working with cells.


Andrey Resler   Jupyter  is useful for interactive python,  but it is not suitable as background script, it can not be run by "python xxx.ipynb", it need additional dependence,

so, i think it is necessary to enhance code cell shortcut in scientific mode. pls🥰


Upvote for this feature. Alternatively, let us jump to the previous or next #%% string occurrence.
Can or should I open a request Andrey Resler?


JiaTeLin jlplenio Thank you for contacting us.

This feature request already exists However, there is no ETA for this feature.