How do I setup java/kotlin intellisense for android code inside a react native project?


I've been having this problem since react native came out in 2016. I could never figure out how to get intellij to link gradle files and let me ctrl click around to different java source code. Usually I just give up and open android studio, but I've been working with open source react native modules that aren't my own project and the abillity to jump around in both typescript and java is super important now.

I've tried various things in the past and I'm sure some combination of these steps should get me there:

  1. linking the build.gradle file
  2. setting the sdk & jdk properly
  3. setting up project modules 

If someone could just show step by step how to get something like this public project to work I'd be very grateful. What happens is all the java files have that red circle (J) icon, and of course the text is all just white meaning no intellisense is active.

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Seems it's not possible to detect submodules in such configurations. You may try to open root project and add other as modules ("File | New | Module from existing sources")