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    Remote Paired Programming with Intellij

    I am currently looking at employment with a company that does Paired Programming.  I am wondering if there are tools or plugins with IntelliJ (other than screen sharing) that would make Remote (or ...
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    adding files to .gitignore through the IDE

    I have several configuration files that I use to run my application in the IDE that I do not want to commit to Git.   How do I add those to the .gitignore file through IntelliJ or is that possible ...
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    Webservices Client and PUT method

    I'm working on a WebServices project and would like to use the REST Client to perform a PUT web service call.How does one inject "content" in to the PUT method in the IntelliJ REST Client?  All I s...
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    Adding Resource Files to Run Configuration

    I have seen this question in the forums and on several Google Searches, but following the suggestions has so far been unsuccessful.I have a module in a project with the following ConfigurationJMSSt...
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