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  • Florian Hehlen 创建了一个帖子,

    How to share configuration in a team across MANY projects

    Hi all,I am wondering if anyone out there is trying to manage Intellij configurations for a team across many projects. There are solutions out there they just don't go the distance.Project Level Sh...
  • Florian Hehlen 创建了一个帖子,

    14.1 (140.2683.2) syntax highlighting broken?

    Hi,My color settings are not being picked up or have been trashed somehow when I installed the latest EAP. I have now experienced this on two computers. Is this a known issue? is there a work-aroun...
  • Florian Hehlen 创建了一个帖子,

    Error 401 with Intellij Configuration Server

    Hi,I am trying to login to the configuration server plugin but failing. I have checked that I can login to my account online but I still get the following error message: Cannot login: Login failed....
  • Florian Hehlen 创建了一个帖子,

    Karma Debugging - No debuggable browser found

    Hi,I have just installed IDEA 13 on a windows 7 machine. I have managed to get Karma test debugging to work about 5 times. Now it pretty much always fails with a error message in the event log: "17...
  • Florian Hehlen 创建了一个帖子,

    eclipse compiler and lombok not working

    I am getting compilation errors when trying to use the new eclipse compiler and the lombok library that does compile time code generation. I have no problems with the standard compiler. Has anyone ...
  • Florian Hehlen 创建了一个帖子,

    maven jar dependency not replaced by module dependency

    hi,IJ used to automatically replace jar dependencies with module dependencies if I added a maven module for tha dependency in the project. Not only that, if I change the dependencies from jar to mo...
  • Florian Hehlen 创建了一个帖子,

    How to do svn 1.5 style merges?

    hi,starting in svn 1.5 a simpler merging mechanism was introduced in subversion. Does anyone know if there is a way to do such merges currently in IDEA. If not is there any intention of this being ...
  • Florian Hehlen 创建了一个帖子,

    Open Task dialog has "no suggestion"

    HI,I am using IntelliJ IDEA 10.5.1 and the Task dialog provides no suggestions when pressing Ctrl+Space. I have configured it for use with jira and tested the connection in the config dialog.any su...
  • Florian Hehlen 创建了一个帖子,

    Teamcity plugin problems

    hi,I am using IDEA 10.5.1 and have a TeamCity        Enterprise Version 6.0.3 (build 15925) server. I can not manage to get the plugin to work.if I upgrade to the latest plugin then I get the follo...
  • Florian Hehlen 创建了一个帖子,

    recovering live templates

    hi.I have inadvertantly deleted some of the standrard templates delivered with Intellij. Is there a way to recover them?I have tried restarting IDEA with a deleted config directory but somehow I do...