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  • Maarten Hazewinkel 创建了一个帖子,

    EAP 138.1980.1 Mac installer with bundled JDK missing

    I notice that on the EAP download page, the links for the Mac installer with bundled JDK are still referring to the previousEAP release (138.1696.2).Is there a reason for that (known major issue or...
  • Maarten Hazewinkel 创建了一个帖子,

    Swiftly moving target

    Dear AppCode developers,Adding support for a whole new language at short notice is quite a challenge, but Apple is not making it any easier with how fastit's changing things in Swift either.I just ...
  • Maarten Hazewinkel 创建了一个帖子,

    Swift support in AppCode?

    I realize it's early, with the announcement being less than an hour old, but...Do you expect to support the new Swift language announced by Apple in AppCode?(I'll file a feature request once the tr...
  • Maarten Hazewinkel 创建了一个帖子,

    Does AppCode work with the Xcode 4.3 release?

    With Xcode 4.3 having been released yesterday, can you confirm whether AppCode 1.0.4 will work with just the new Xcode installed and no /Developer directory?I'm asking specifically because 4.3 does...
  • Maarten Hazewinkel 创建了一个帖子,

    Publish the plugin code on github?

    Hi JetBrains devs,Having seen the intellij-community project move/mirror the source to github, I'm wondering if there are any plans to publish the Scala plugin source code on github as well?
  • Maarten Hazewinkel 创建了一个帖子,

    AppCode plugin development: How to run/debug from Idea CE

    I was about to post a question on how to run/debug a plugin I'm playing with for AppCode, since the default plugin run config crashes during startup.However, since I just figured it out, I'll post ...
  • Maarten Hazewinkel 创建了一个帖子,

    Automatic Reference Counting ?

    I'm rather wondering if/when Automatic Reference Counting will be supported in AppCode ?And will that come automatically via the external compiler toolchain, or will it require direct implementatio...
  • Maarten Hazewinkel 创建了一个帖子,

    New build available

    For those of you who might not be following the appCode blog, a new EAP build 106.466 is available.
  • Maarten Hazewinkel 创建了一个帖子,

    New project / executable not found

    I found another case that results in an 'executable not found' error.This happens when I create a new project in appCode.Some investigation shows that this seems to be due to the source files creat...
  • Maarten Hazewinkel 创建了一个帖子,

    appCode & TeamCity

    I was wondering if it will be possible to build and test appCode projects with TeamCity.Is this on the roadmap somewhere?