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  • Marcus Brito 创建了一个帖子,

    IntelliJ theme for OS X

    I love the new “light” theme in 13. Is there a reason why it's not available on OS X?
  • Marcus Brito 创建了一个帖子,

    Remote deployment and vagrant

    I'm a little confused about how to setup remote deployment to access a local vagrant box. I'm trying to setup a Remote Deployment and JBoss Remote run configuration that could just pickup the artif...
  • Marcus Brito 创建了一个帖子,

    IDEA 12 RC3 won't launch

    Well, technically it launches. I get the "import previous version settings" dialog, then the license dialog, then the plugins dialog; then nothing, the main window doesn't come up. Anyone else seei...
  • Marcus Brito 创建了一个帖子,

    Plugin for Leda

    I know you guys are probably working on it, but I'd love to hear some rough estimate of when we'll see a first version of the Ruby plugin working in Leda.
  • Marcus Brito 创建了一个帖子,

    JetBrains IDE bundle?

    This is more of a sale question than a technical one, but it might be nice to hear more voices on this: How about selling a "JetBrains IDE Bundle"?I know a full IDEA license is supposed to give you...
  • Marcus Brito 创建了一个帖子,

    IntelliLang and John Resig's js micro templating

    I'm using John Resig's Javascript Micro Templating in my current project. The template language is standard HTML with injected JavaScript between <# #> and <#= #>tags, and can be parsed from a stri...
  • Marcus Brito 创建了一个帖子,

    Lost keyboard focus

    Every now and then IDEA seems to lose the keyboard focus, and nothing I try will get the focus back: the only way is to restart IDEA.This is driving me crazy. Is anyone else experiencing the same (...
  • Marcus Brito 创建了一个帖子,

    SVG Icon

    Can we have a scalable, shiny SVG icon for IDEA? Pretty please?
  • Marcus Brito 创建了一个帖子,

    Unresolved reference: when error highlighting is too much

    Ruby is a particularly dynamic language even amongst others of its kind, we get it. This offers us great flexibility but is also the source of many mistakes, and RubyMine helps us avoid these mista...
  • Marcus Brito 创建了一个帖子,

    New forums

    I've been using NNTP since the upgrade, but recently my company started blocking non-web ports, so I guess it's back to web interface for me. The new forum style looks good and all that, but not wi...