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    Change file association manually

    I need to change manually a file type for my file "script" (no file extension), from plaintext to other type (Ruby, if you ask).In previous versions of Idea, it was just a one-click no-brainer... I...
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    Change encoding for .js file

    OK, I've wasted an hour trying to figure out HOW TO CHANGE ENCODING of .js files...The file is encoded in Win-1251, but Idea X is brain-dead-stubborn trying to read it as UTF8.I've changed project-...
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    Mirah/Duby support in RubyMine

    Please vote for Mirah/Duby support in RubyMine: such support to this great IDE will surely attract attention and create...
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    Is there a way to get rid of annotations?

    I like to have vertical split setup with project panel and 2 code windows open at the same time. Makes BDD real fun as you can see specs and desribed code all at the same time.Under this setup, spa...
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    Debugging Rubymine extensions

    I have registered new editor action (using camel_to_snake_case.rb as an example).Inside the action bloc, I delegate to the outside script (which was required prior to that).However, when  I try toa...
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