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  • ANONYMOUS 创建了一个帖子,

    Highlighting of matching selected text...

    I use a dark colour scheme and so I have problems with the highlighting of the matches to the selected text : see screenshot.Can you tell me what setting it is that configures the colour used here?...
  • ANONYMOUS 创建了一个帖子,

    Project Roots won't open

    I've got a problem. I needed to remove one jar from my classpath, and add a different one.My project consists of 1 web module.I opened Project Settings and clicked on Project Roots. On the left s...
  • ANONYMOUS 创建了一个帖子,

    Shameless... for votes: we can have it in Idea? It's such a fundamental usability problem.Well, if not: I started to feel ok with the way it is,...
  • ANONYMOUS 创建了一个帖子,

    JIRA problems

    When adding some issues to JIRA, I'm getting following error from time to time: Errors org.ofbiz.core.entity.GenericDataSourceException: SQL Exception while executing the following:SELECT pkey,...
  • ANONYMOUS 创建了一个帖子,

    Properties inspection

    .... reports all properties as "Unused property" even though I can navigate from the source code to the property with Ctrl + click/b. Bug or do I have something not setup correctly?-- "A man's ethi...
  • ANONYMOUS 创建了一个帖子,

    Perforce rename / move problem?

    I just started using Perforce. It seems that when I rename or move a file, IDEA does p4 revert then p4 add. Why doesn't it p4 integrate then p4 delete/revert? Do I have something configured wrong? ...
  • ANONYMOUS 创建了一个帖子,

    Refactoring dialogs getting in the way

    I've been thinking lately, I see a lot of dialogs when I'm editing code in IDEA. It's because I use refactorings and intentions constantly. Almost every refactoring has a dialog, and I usually choo...
  • ANONYMOUS 创建了一个帖子,

    Request for "Originally posted by" field in JIRA

    For IDEA Backlog, I wish that my name were in some "Originally posted by" field for my old Tracker requests, so I could search for all of my old requests, and I can add Watches for them. Are there ...
  • ANONYMOUS 创建了一个帖子,

    No Way Eclipse touches IDEA

    (Sorry for long post, but could not make it shorter without clarifying my points)I tried hard to get Eclipse to work for me for the past 3 days, and there is simply no way that the Eclipse Project ...
  • ANONYMOUS 创建了一个帖子,

    Find usages in file

    Hi,In IDEA 4.5.2, if you tried to "find usages in file" by pressing CTRL+F7 on an attribute that had an accessor and NOT a mutator, IDEA also asked you if you wanted to search for its acessors too....