IDE crashes randomly on a system with the Digital Guardian agent installed


  • IDE crashes (disappears without any messages or Windows Debugger dialog appears if a debugger is installed on the system) and creates the crash dumps under C:\Users\<user>\AppData\Local\CrashDumps\ directory.

  • DGAgent's libraries are mentioned in the IDE crash dump:

    00007ff8`02650000 00007ff8`02715000 COM_Sensor64 C:\Program Files\DGAgent\plugins\8E4EA70A-6128-4B57-BD3F-8E9E0F0DA6BB\COM_Sensor64.dll
    00007ff8`02720000 00007ff8`02741000 OS_Plugin64 C:\Program Files\DGAgent\plugins\8E4EA70A-6128-4B57-BD3F-8E9E0F0DA6BB\OS_Plugin64.dll
    00007ff8`02e40000 00007ff8`02ed2000 ame_smtpsensor64 C:\Program Files\DGAgent\plugins\09D849B6-32D3-4A40-85EE-6B84BA29E35B\ame_smtpsensor64.dll
    00007ff8`02fa0000 00007ff8`03144000 ame_outlooksensor64 C:\Program Files\DGAgent\plugins\09D849B6-32D3-4A40-85EE-6B84BA29E35B\ame_outlooksensor64.dll
    00007ff8`03150000 00007ff8`0318e000 AE_MailSensor_Plugin64 C:\Program Files\DGAgent\plugins\09D849B6-32D3-4A40-85EE-6B84BA29E35B\AE_MailSensor_Plugin64.dll

  • One can confirm the DGAgent is the case by either using the Windows Debugger and listing the modules with the lm f command when analyzing the .dmp file or by searching for the "dgagent" substring in the .dmp file using any plain text editor.


Digital Guardian agent injects its libraries into the IntelliJ IDEA process space and one of the injected libraries seems to have a bug leading to the crash.


Add  idea64.exe process to the whitelist of the Digital Guardian agent using Application Whitelisting or uninstall the DG software from the system.

Process names to whitelist in the Digital Guardian tool for the other IntelliJ platform based IDEs:

  • webstorm64.exe
  • datagrip64.exe
  • clion64.exe
  • rider64.exe
  • datagrip64.exe
  • goland64.exe
  • phpstorm64.exe
  • pycharm64.exe
  • rubymine64.exe
  • webstorm64.exe
  • studio64.exe

Please contact the Digital Guardian support team for the additional information.

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