Cmd+Shift+A hotkey opens Terminal with "apropos" search instead of the Find Action dialog


  • When Cmd+Shift+A hotkey is invoked, Terminal search opens with "appropos" command instead of the Find Action dialog:


  • macOS has been updated to 10.14.4


macOS 10.14.4 adds the new default shortcut for the Search man Page Index in Terminal:



  • Disable/change the key binding for the Search man Page Index in Terminal feature:
    1. Open Apple menu | System Preferences | Keyboard | Shortcuts | Services
    2. Disable Search man Page Index in Terminal (or change the shortcut)
  • Use Search Everywhere (Shift+Shift) shortcut instead of Find Action (Cmd+Shift+A).


See IDEA-209726 for more details. We also plan to detect the conflicts with the system default shortcuts in the future, follow IDEA-210411 for the updates.

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Thank you so much! This was driving me crazy today.


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